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Jaguar meetings: reports and many photographs English text Nederlandse tekst

It is always nice to speak to people who share your car hobby. And of course to look under the bonnet and discuss problems you encounter or to help other attendees with it. And also the view of so many examples of the model you love, which is becoming older and slowly disappears from the street, is something to enjoy. Often the owners become friends, making it even more enjoyable occasions.

Often I make many photos and if lucky I write a little report on it. Have a look and enjoy!

10. Jaguar Nordlichter Treffen, Jork (near Hamburg, April 2017)

Verzamelde Jaguars in Jork

Florian and Nicole Granzeier organise a Jaguar meeting every year in the area of Jork, a small village West of Hamburg in northern Germany, at the end of April, when the famous fruit trees blossom. This year this was for the tenth time and Florian, primarily a Jaguar XJ40 enthusiast, arranged it to be a meeting were the Jaguar-Online-Club meets the XJ40.com club.

I have been there once, in 2015: see below, but then with my black Rover 827 Vitesse. This time Sabine and me attended with our Daimler Double Six. It was a fantastic meeting, where personal contacts were even more inspiring than the cars present and the environment.

Report and photos of the 2017 Jaguar meeting in Jork

Thirty years of Jaguar XJ40: great celebration in Dunkeld (Scotland, August 2016)

De aanwezige Jaguar XJ40's voor het Dunkeld House Hotel

After years of development, in 1986 the Jaguar XJ40 saw daylight. This would become the car that saved Jaguar. So in 2016 it is thirty years ago that the Jaguar XJ40 was introduced. A member of the English forum xj40.com, of which I am an active member, proposed to celebrate this by organising a meeting at the location in Scotland were in September 1986 the press presentation took place: in Dunkeld.

It was a great event, that took place on sunday 28 and monday 29 August 2016 in the beautifully located hotel where in 1986 the press presentation was. Never before so many XJ40s were seen together on a meeting: 37 examples! Furthermore, there were presentations by a few people of Jaguar that played a role in 1986. Also fantastic was the rally through the Scottish landscape. We combined this great event with a holiday tour with our Daimler Double Six through Scotland. We enjoyed the landscape and the places worth seeing very much.

Six pages of reports, car data and 400 photos of thirty years of Jaguar XJ40 in Dunkeld

Jaguar Nordlichter Treffen, Jork (near Hamburg, April 2015)

Verzamelde Jaguars in Jork

Every year, Florian Granzeier, whom I know from the English forum xj40.com, with his wife Nicole organises a meeting for Jaguar enthusiasts in and around his company premises in Jork, a village near Hamburg (northern Germany). Mainly German Jaguar enthusiasts attend this meeting and although Florian is primarily a fan of the XJ40, we see al kinds of Jaguar here, from very old to almost new.

Also some Dutch, Danish and English enthusiasts attend the event. On Saturday 25 April 2015 I went there, although I had to excuse for not coming in one of my XJ40s as none of them was able to drive. And I do not have other Jaguars. But my Rover 827 Vitesse from 1989 was driving, and in the end it is an even rarer English car so I was very welcome … but I was anyway …

Report and photos of the Jaguar meeting in Jork

Beaulieu (New Forest, September 2014)

Jaguar XJ40's tijdens de xj40.com bijeenkomst in Beaulieu

The first meeting of members of the xj40.com forum that Sabine and me attended, was the one in Beaulieu in September 2014. It sounds French, but it is a village in the English New Forest, a pretty area directly West of Southampton at the English south coast.

In Beaulieu is the National Motor Museum, a large car museum, established by and owned by the well-known aristocrat Edward Baron Montagu of Beaulieu. The car museum is located adjacent to the castle of Lord Montagu, on the 7,000 acre estate of the family. We got a special treatment on this terrain and in this way we met with more than twnty Jaguar XJ40s.

We combined this with a holiday in the New Forest, and we also visited the cities of Salisbury en Winchester, with their cathedrals of course.

Report and photos of the XJ40.com meeting in Beaulieu

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Rens Swart