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Jaguar Nordlichter Treffen in Jork (near Hamburg, April 2015) English text

3 May 2015, this website October 2016
Het spijt me, deze pagina heb ik niet in het Nederlands vertaald.


Every year, Florian Granzeier, whom I know from the English forum xj40.com, with his wife Nicole organises a meeting for Jaguar enthusiasts in and around his company premises in Jork, a village near Hamburg (northern Germany). Mainly German Jaguar enthusiasts attend this meeting and although Florian is primarily a fan of the XJ40, we see al kinds of Jaguar here, from very old to almost new.

Also some Dutch, Danish and English enthusiasts attend the event. On Saturday 25 April 2015 I went there, although I had to excuse for not coming in one of my XJ40s as none of them was able to drive. And I do not have other Jaguars. But my Rover 827 Vitesse from 1989 was driving, and in the end it is an even rarer English car so I was very welcome … but I was anyway …

For the English forum xj40.com, I wrote a report with many of my photographs. It was published here. I now publish it also on my website. I added a further seven photos and use 1024 pixels wide images here (in total the images are 17 megabyte now …), compared to 800 on the forum, to limit download time there.

(Please keep in mind that even images resized to 1024 pixels wide can look blurred if the web page is magnified to full screen. I made the html code resize the images to the full width of the page, even if that is larger than 1024 pixels.)

At the bottom of the page, I have added a list of Jaguars present and their owners.

The illustrated report

Yes, it was a nice meeting. Lots of different and nice cars, very good dinner and drinks, well organised by Florian and Nicole. Thanks for the warm welcome!

Only three cars from abroad: Errol and Lene and Leo and Anne-Marie from Denmark and me from The Netherlands. As the Danish speak German very well and I can understand most of it, although I don't speak it very well, almost the only language used was German. By the way, I wasn't the one that took the prize for travelling the longest route: I did 520 km, but an other attendee came from Dresden in Germany: 560 km.

The venue at the premises of Florian and Nicole in Jork, 15 km west of Hamburg, Germany. But let's start with Jork itself, a nice place.

This must have been the newest car of the show … an F-Type R, if I am right. It has a rather large fuel flap … or is it a meant as a rear door?

The owner is in the middle. Backs of Martina on the left, Burkhard on the right.

The bright blue XKR was also impressive.

And the white S-Type must have been the oldest. Nice red & wood interior.

Not many XJ40s, sorry. And two from Denmark! Although Leo and Anne-Marie had to leave Friday evening. Here is the savoy grey Daimler 4.0 of Errol and Lene.

Spot the difference … I didn't notice when photographing but unbelievable, even the steering wheels are in the same angle … This is the Daimler of Chris from Hamburg.

And what about Florian's XJ40s? These were parked not to attend the show. The Daimler hearse Florian revised to be conform the German hearse regulations so that he can use it where it was made for. And the jade green/parchment green XJ81 Pim and I found in The Netherlands as a replacement for his morocco red/magnolia Daimler Double Six (OK Florian, jade is a slightly more dull colour).

But the summum is Florian's Chasseur. He must have had serious problems to lead the line of cars during the tour he prepared, he tried hard to keep us together and with almost 20 cars this means that you may not drive over 60 km/u. He succeeded.

Here are the two turbos. A not very common sight for those who know the XJ40 and their exhaust manifolds.

We had the incredible amount of four XJ-S's, ALL V12, convertible, pre-facelift. The first of Burkhard & Gaby, from near the Polish border (Burkhard offered me a ton of Rover 800 parts because he couldn't find a single buyer for them, very nice!)

Ingmar's XJ-S, spot the differences … he fitted the 6.0 litre V12 and Arden OZ wheels.

Hans & Erika's black XJ-S, with the black XJ-S of Herbert & Beate to the left.

The Daimler V8 with its mysterious fuelling problem (engine stops in most turns to one side, but can immediately be started again), Martina, Carsten and son Florian.

And finally Dieter & Ramona's XK8, Irina & Michaels XK8 and some other cars.

Jong geleerd is oud gedaan, as a Dutch saying goes …

Although most of the ladies as far as I noticed were very involved in their Jaguar cars, a typical hobby also appeared. Irina always wanted to be as tall as her husband and in the end she found the solution …

Ramona was allowed to test them immediately …

We visited a cheese making farm.

We parked at the police station in Stade for an introduction and group photos. Yes, that is my Rover Vitesse.

The final dinner, lekker and well organised!

It was a great meeting, nice cars (although the XJ40 stands out for me) and I was able to talk to many nice men and women.

Jaguars present in Jork and their owners

I tried to compile a list with all Jaguars present in Jork. But I also wanted to remember which car is which and to whom it belongs. In the end I posted the list below. A few corrections followed.

model paint/upholstery colour registration owner remarks
S-Type white/red upholstery Lars elected best car of show
Daimler Double Six series 3 black/magnolia
XJ-S V12 Convertible pre-facelift red LOS XJ53 Burkhard & Gaby
XJ-S V12 Convertible pre-facelift red Günter Arden OZ wheels, 6.0 V12
XJ-S V12 Convertible pre-facelift black OHZ XJ91 Herbert & Beate
XJ-S V12 Convertible pre-facelift black OL DI 953 Erika & Hans
XK8 convertible series 1 red Irina & Michael
XK8 convertible series 2 very dark green metallic Dieter & Ramona
XKR series 2 bright blue Manfred & Gaby
Daimler 4.0 (XJ40) 1991 gunmetal grey/saville grey Chris
Daimler 4.0 (XJ40) 1990 savoy grey/saville grey Errol & Lene (Denmark)
XJ6 3.2 (XJ40) cardinal red/doeskin Leo & Anne-Marie (Denmark)
Chasseur (XJ40) gunmetal grey/doeskin Florian & Nicole
Daimler Double Six (XJ40) 1994 jade green/parchment Florian & Nicole parked, non-active
Daimler hearse (XJ40) black Florian & Nicole 620 cm! parked, non-active
XJR (X300) british racing green Ingmar & Heike
X300 dark
Daimler V8 (X308) LWB very dark green metallic Martina & Carsten & Florian
X-Type estate red
X358 Torge & Heike (or Ma…?) & son Paul
F-Type R black very black and very new
Rover 827 Vitesse 1989 black/lightning cloth Rens

In total there were 21 Jaguars and one Rover (mine). Of the Jaguars there were six XJ40s, although then I include the two XJ40s of the host, Florian, that did in fact not participate.

All the best,

Kind regards,
Rens Swart