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Organs and organ playing: how this became a fascinating occupation for Rens Swart English text Nederlandse tekst

Autumn 2014

Playing the organ is the most inspiring activity for me. When I started having organ lessons at the age of ten, I could not foresee being inspired so much by not only playing the organ, but even more so by everything around it: the organ as an instrument, organ building and the (ideally nineteenth-century) buildings in which organs are housed.

On the next few pages, I'll take you on the journey from the beginning to the present. How I as a child decided to choose for the organ, how I was taught, how I first accompanied the liturgy at the age of fourteen, where I since then worked as an organist (permanently or incidentally) and what organs and churches it concerns. See also the menu at the left.

I have written some articles that I publish here on my website. Furthermore, I added a page on the things that inspire me the most. I hope you will enjoy reading my stories, which I mostly cannot keep concise due to my enthusiasm. Comments are welcome (and also suggestions to improve my use of English)!

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Rens bespeelt voor het eerst het orgel in de Bonifatiuskerk in Alphen aan den Rijn

When I in 1977 for the first time played the organ of the Saint Boniface Church in Alphen on Rhine, my father made this photo. I was thirteen then and I could not have imagined that a year later, I started at the position of organist of this organ that would take 26 years. To my left my brother André.

Kind regards,
Rens Swart