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The Rover SD1 in Jan Kruis' comic Jan, Jans en de kinderen English text Nederlandse tekst

21 januari 2017

Yesterday, on Friday 20 January 2017, the famous Dutch cartoonist Jan Kruis, born 1933, died. He was very successful with his comic about a very common family, two daughters, a red cat, a grand-dad etcetera. The figures were based on his own family. It was published in the family-female magazine Libelle.

In one of the comics we see a car, drawn with a rather high level of detail: it is a white Rover SD1. It was the Rover 3500 Vanden Plas of Jan Kruis himself, in the colour arum white. He bought it new in 1983, it was first registered 18 March 1983 and this issue of the comic album (number 14) was published in 1984.

The story is about the joungest daughter trying to collect a car as a present to her father, reasoning that him driving around and being in traffic jams would be so tremendous good marketing for the car that everyone will buy one. So why not give one to her so can give it to her father?

I know this car, because a friend of mine owned it for a couple of years. He visited me in 2006 with this SD1. I now see on the site of the RDW (the Dutch DVLA) that the registration does not exist any more. This probably means the car is scrapped …

As a tribute to this cartoonist, who died yesterday, and the SD1, I post this comic here! On second thought I realise that I have to get the rights right, I cannot just publish it, I will have a look into that.

Strip Jan Kruis met Rover SD1

When the owner Maurice on 3 September 2006 visited me, he drove this 'famous' Rover 3500 Vanden Plas. I then took this photo.

De witte Rover 3500 Vanden Plas van striptekenaar Jan Kruis. Foto Rens Swart

Pity that the car probably does not exist any more …

Kind regards,
Rens Swart