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XJ40.com meeting in Beaulieu (New Forest, September 2014) English text

5 October 2014, this website October 2016
Het spijt me, deze pagina heb ik niet in het Nederlands vertaald.


Onherroepelijk op dit soort bijeenkomsten gaan uiteindelijk de meeste motorkappen open ...

Since I got my second Jaguar XJ40 in January 2012, the well-known first Insignia, I am a member of the English xj40.com forum. In England incredibly many classic car gatherings are organised and some of them are the initiative of members of the xj40.com forum (it is actually not a club).

The first meeting of members of the xj40.com forum that Sabine and me attended, was the one in Beaulieu in September 2014. It sounds French, but it is a village in the English New Forest, a pretty area directly West of Southampton at the English south coast.

In Beaulieu is the National Motor Museum, a large car museum, established by and owned by the well-known aristocrat Edward Baron Montagu of Beaulieu. The car museum is located adjacent to the castle of Lord Montagu, on the 7,000 acre estate of the family. We got a special treatment on this terrain and in this way we met with more than twnty Jaguar XJ40s.

We combined this with a holiday in the New Forest, and we also visited the cities of Salisbury en Winchester, with their cathedrals of course.

After the meeting and holiday, I contributed a report to the forum, well illustrated with a selection of our photos. On the forum it can be found here. Below and distributed over the next pages you will find this story.


OK then, better late than nooit. Here some of the photos Sabine or me took. I tried to resize them all to 1024 pix wide, 2:3, although Sabine's Nikon is 3:4. I hope you will enjoy my illustrated story. To the hasty readers I have tried to make scanning this post convenient by using four 'sections', on this website distributed over four pages. The last two are confined to XJ40s and their owners lachebekje

(Please keep in mind that the photos were resized to 1024 pixels wide, in order to limit loading time to your device. I made the html code resize the images to the full width of the page. If you magnify the page to full screen, the image quality will suffer a little and look a little blurred.)

The trip

The holiday

The people

The XJ40s in photos

The XJ40s in data

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