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Some impressions of our holiday in Scotland, August 2016 English text Nederlandse tekst

We combined our visit to the great celebration of the thirtiest birthday of the press presentation of the Jaguar XJ40 with a beautiful holiday in Scotland. It consisted of tours through most parts of Scotland, with about six bed & breakfasts as our basis.

First: a serious job on the Daimler Double Six (just in short)

Before we could go on holiday with the Daimler Double Six, the bushes of the lower wishbones of the front suspension had to be replaced. The rubber of these bushes was deteriorated by the leaking power steering oil filter and could no longer bear the enormous forces of the heavy V12 engine any more. The deteriorated rubber of the bush is visible in the middle of this photo.

Versleten rubber onderste draagarm

With these rubbers and bushes the Double Six would not get a MOT, so I had to replace them. This is one of the most difficult and nasty jobs that one can do on the V12, in particular because the downpipes of the exhaust on both sides of the engine must be removed. Plus the steering rack. It is very difficult to get at these.

Here I have taken everything apart. Just before the car you see the two lower wishbones, at the left are the steering rack, the 'fulcrum shafts' of the lower wishbones, the springs and the spring cups. And an enormous amount of tools! The springs and spring cups have been removed with special heavy tools. Including searching for information, buying extra tools and taking a rest now and then, this costed me four days.

Lower wishbones, steering rack, springs and spring plates and a lot of tools

When I was ready in the end at one o'clock in the last night, I apparently still had energy to take this 'selfie': "this was once but never again!"

Gigantic job done, never again!

With the Daimler Double Six through Scotland

Now the Daimler Double Six drives perfect again, Sabine and me took it to Scotland. First with the ferry from IJmuiden to Newcastle, a boattrip of sixteen hours, with a sleeping cabin for ourselves.

But first we had to wait till we could go aboard. Remarkable: the large Jaguar XJ40 can be overseen easily nowadays, in particular because it is so incredibly lóów!

Die enorme Jaguar XJ40 zie je niet eens terug, zo laag!

It is amazing that these guys were really driving on the ferry and then through Scotland with this seriously overloaded car and caravan combination …

Deze mensen zijn serieus op weg naar Schotland

After more than an hour of waiting, we were one of the last to go aboard the ferry. Almost squeezed between the lorries and the tailgate.

De Daimler werd zo'n beetje in het veer geperst

First we visited Glasgow. Because this story is primarily on the fringe of the meeting in Dunkeld, I will not disturb you with all the interesting buildings and places we saw, but I would like to share that I, after attending a lunch concert, got the opportunity to play the beautiful organ of the Kelvin Grove Art Gallery.

Rens bespeelt het orgel van Kelvin Grove Art Gallery in Glasgow

From Glasgow we drove to Fort William, and from there we made a few beautiful tours. Contrary to most of our previous holidays, during this holiday the drives to the places to visit were at least as interesting as the places themselves. In the area outside the cities, there are only a few roads, simply because not many people live there, but these few roads are remarkably good. The roads are continuously bending and hilly, but the pavement is in general very good and the roads run smooth.

Almost our complete holiday, the weather was great. However, on the road to Fort William, where we needed to be in time at the rather strict lady of the Bed & Breakfast, we drove over the Glen Coe and bad weather and a spectacularly ominous landscape unfolded.

Het spookachtig slechte weer toen we over de Glen Coe reden

The Daimler Double Six in the great landscape of Scotland. This is the Glen Shie.

Glen Shie

From the viewpoint near Glenfinnan you not only see the beautiful stone railway viaduct, but on the other side you look over Loch Shiel, with a monument for one of the numerous battles that seem to determine the history of Scotland and its relation with England till today. The white tents were still from the celebration the day before.

Loch Shiel bij Glenfinnan bij avondschemer

Spectacular cloudy skies, from the same viewpoint near Glenfinnan.

Spectaculaire wolkenluchten bij Glenfinnan

At Eilean Donan Castle three Lochs meet. Here you look primarily over Loch Alsh.

Loch Alsh bij Eilean Donan Castle

Below Loch Glascarnoch. The landscape is empty, there are almost no roads, people, buildings but also almost no trees!

Loch Glascarnoch

If you drive a lot on a day and want to see much, it is handy to be self-supplying, although a meal in a pub is also nice. Don't mess, Sabine, otherwise the owner gets angry!

Zelfvoorzienend: eten in de Double Six. Niet knoeien!

Even a coffeemachine was aboard.

Koffiezetapparaat aan boord

Our most northern goal, on our way to Ullapool: Ledmore. Just north of 58 degrees northern latitude, the most northern place I ever was.

Op weg naar Ullapool via ons noordelijkste reisdoel: Ledmore Op weg naar Ullapool via ons noordelijkste reisdoel: Ledmore

We did not go further up north. This is a picture taken fast, because I was just discovered by about thousand 'midgets', those nasty tiny ^&*#@!-gnats. After this meeting, they were not in need of a dinner for weeks!

Op weg naar Ullapool via ons noordelijkste reisdoel: Ledmore

On our way to the fisherman's and harbour village Ullapool, with the spectacular landscape again.

Ullapool Ullapool

In the end we went south to Dunkeld, via a stay in Pitlochry. The B9007 near Carrbridge is one of those roads that is more beautiful than you expect.

B9007 bij Carrbridge

Loch Tummel near Pitlochry, with the Queen's View.

Loch Tummel Queens View Loch Tummel

Of course I have much more to show of this fantastic holiday, were we stayed also in Inverness, Pitlochry en Edinburgh. After Dunkeld we visited the Hadrian Wall and the famous Cathedral of Durham. OK then, three pictures, selected from the more than fivehundred.

An old-fashioned Inn in the middle of the meadows at the road near Slaley: a picturesque view.

Een schilderachtig uitzicht vanuit de herberg bij Slaley

Pity that one is not allowed to take photographs in the cathedral of Durham, while the architecture is extremely remarkable because the building took place in such a short period of time so early. The 'Galilee chapel', built adjacent to the west end of the nave, is also very remarkable and almost completely undisturbed in its early state.

Durham cathedral Galilee chapel

In the evening there was an organ concert on the famous Willis and Harrison & Harrison organ, but pity that we did not have time to visit it. I cannot omit this fast telephone photo of the Double Open Wood 32'. The largest wooded pipe, in front, is ten meters (32') tall and 60 cm (2'0") wide! Exceptional.

De Double Open Wood 32' achter het orgel van de kathedraal van Durham

Preparing the Double Six for Dunkeld

After more than 2,000 km driving in the (clean) Scottish landscape, the Daimler Double Six looked still tidy, except for the brake dust that changed the shiny front wheels into dirty black objects. In this way I cannot show up at the XJ40 event of the decade! Also note the mascara on the headlights.

Even de auto poetsen voor de presentatie in Dunkeld

In total we have driven almost 2,500 km during our holiday in Scotland with the Daimler Douible Six. It was fantastic, both the Double Six and the holiday in Scotland!

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Kind regards,
Rens Swart